Week 18 Update

As we come to the end of Week 18 of construction at Glasgow Airport Car Park, the total spend to date has now reached £1,119,129.76, and significant steps have been made in the past fortnight as the final layout of the car park begins to take shape.

Around 220 tonnes of concrete has now been removed from the site and have been taken to a recycling facility. This process included the extraction of all old roads from the site, and once it was completed, the tarmac for the new roads and parking spaces was delivered to the site. The tarmacking of the site should hopefully be underway at the start of next week.

Furthermore, the on-site building is midway through construction, with the roof of this structure set to be built over the course of the next week. Additional works have also taken place with regards to powering the site, and a dedicated team of electricians have been continuously installing light fittings across the site.

The majority of the works of the main perimeter fence has also been completed as the sealer and base coats have been applied, with the final finishing touch of a mural to be painted by a renowned graffiti artist in the coming weeks. The security system has also undergone important progress as a secondary storage unit has arrived on site, and this will house the security cameras and CCTV equipment which arrived in the past week.

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