Week 20 Update

As we edge ever nearer to Christmas, we’re pleased to report that construction is progressing well at Glasgow Airport Car Park, and we’re delighted to announce that the car park will open on Thursday 20th December! With the car park now seven days away from the end of construction, our total spend to date has now reached £1,331,084.49..

The new building on the car park site is beginning to take shape, as the brickwork is almost finished, although the works weren’t entirely completed owing to the inclement weather. Any remaining old roads have now been removed from the site, and the initial base layer of material has been applied, which has allowed us to lay the tarmac over the entire site. The finishing touch of the paint for the parking spaces and roads will be completed over the course of the next week.

We have also begun construction on a small canopy which will allow customers to wait with family members and luggage in a sheltered area while waiting for the shuttle buses. The bases for the canopy and the steel supports should be installed early next week. Finally, the lighting heads for the columns will be fitted at the start of next week, and the inside of the perimeter wall will also be decorated.

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