The Benefits of Car Park Investments

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The Benefits of Car Park Investments

In recent years, property investors have turned to a new sector within the industry in the hope of fruitful returns, and thus far they have been pleasantly surprised at the growing field of car park investment.

If you’ve not heard of car park investments before, you may wonder about the advantages of this type of asset over traditional property investments, so here we go through the main reasons why you can drive your profits by investing in car parks!


RICS Valuation

The purchase price of every space sold by Aston Darby is based on a valuation given by the Royal Chartered Institute of Surveyors (RICS), an organisation dedicated to ensuring fair property pricing for both buyers and sellers. The current RICS valuation of the spaces at Aston Darby’s Glasgow Airport Car Park is £30,000, and as each space is open to investment at a price of £25,000, you can invest now at £5,000 below the standard market value.

This means that you can rest assured that the initial value of your investment is based on an impartial and professional process, and although car park investments in the UK aren’t subject to control by the FCA or other regulatory bodies, the RICS valuation means you’ll be investing at below market price.



Car Park Investments Vs Other Property Investments

A key advantage that car park investments have over others in the property sector is the higher yields typically expected from buy-to-let properties. Aston Darby guarantees a minimum 11% NET return per annum for the first two years of your investment, and both of these returns are paid in advance. There are just two postcodes in the whole of the UK that offer a higher NET yield than 11% in 2018, and neither of these figures are guaranteed. The worst buy-to-let yields in the country dwindle around the 1.5% mark, a return over 600 times less than the 11% on offer from Aston Darby. There is also the potential for lower tax charges in car park investments compared to buy-to-let properties.


Investing in airport car parks with Aston Darby will also incur less additional cost compared to other property investments. There are no letting fees, mortgages, maintenance costs, insurance payments and council rates to factor into your investment, all of which would be expected for any buy-to-let investment.



Flexible Investment Management

Unlike other more strenuous and time-consuming means of investment, airport car park investments with Aston Darby can be completely hands-off as investors can sit back while we take care of the day-to-day running of the car park for no additional cost. Investors also have the option to become more active in the decision-making processes, and investors instantly inherit voting rights within the company upon finalising their investment.

If you decide you’d like to cash in on your investment, Aston Darby also offers a “buy back” option at 100% of the investment’s initial value after five years and 125% of the initial value after ten years. Unlike other property investments, there are no tie-in conditions, early redemption penalties or minimum terms, all of which gives you greater control over your investment.

The investment is also based on a 175-year leasehold agreement, meaning that the investment can continue for many years and even be seen as an excellent opportunity to pass on assets to children or grandchildren.


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